Biking (Death Road)


The tour starts with the gathering of the passengers in their respective hotels (central zone), then we head towards La Cumbre (4700 m), where we deliver the bicycles chosen and give the first instructions.


The road with bicycles lasts 4 hours. The first part of the tour begins on a paved road (21 km). The we arrive to a town called Unduavi, where you pay 25 Bs entrance fee (foreign) or 15 Bs (national) for road use.

We offer a snack (water, fruit, chocolate, sandwich). Along the way pass through waterfalls and rivers, there will be another stop at Cerro Rojo where 25 Bs entrance fee (foreign) or 15 Bs (national) has to be paid.

The Death Road ends in Yolosa (1200 m), where we will rest and collect all the equipment used. You can enjoy a swim in the water pits (tropical climates). We offer hot showers, towels and shampoo, and after a lot of work with the bike we offer a lunch buffet with vegetarian option.


At 5 pm or so we leave Yolosa to return to La Paz where the tour ends. After the tour were handed CDs with all the pictures and footage of the tour and gift shirt.

Recommendations to take:

Warm clothing
A set of extra clothes (it will get dirty / stain on the way)
waterproof jacket
Insect repellent
Flips flops
50Bs / 30Bs entrance fee

It includes:

Round trip transportation
Snacks on the road (chocolates, unlimited water, soft drinks, sandwiches, sweets, fruit)
Buffet lunch
Showers in the hotel, shampoo and towel
bilingual guide
Complete equipment (full-face hellmet, gloves, vest, waterproof pants, bicycle)
A CD with photos and recordings
Gift shirt with the path of death road

Not included:

50 Bs entry road use
Extra drinks in the restaurant


VENZO bike with full suspension and hydraulic brakes 480 B / 70 usd

COMMENCAL bike with front suspension and hydraulic brakes 450 B / 65 usd

HARO bike with front suspension and hydraulic brakes 380 B / 55 usd

STORM bike with front suspension and mechanical brakes 350 B / 50 usd

Price per person